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Mesaj Scris de .Nick la data de 09.06.19 23:54

Image Type: Banner / Header
Image size (in pixels): 1000 width x 100 Height
With or without animation: No animation
Background color: I would like something similar to the model image or maybe it: https://i.servimg.com/u/f28/16/76/61/05/fundal10.jpg / How it would do better.
Images you would like to use:

Wanted text: -
Your forum link: http://fifa-evolution.darkbb.com/
Your name in the forum: .Nick
More information:
1. I would like, as in the example, a 350-380 pixel portion on the right side to be on a background without image, overlapping the profile information.
2. I would like the image to be textless, just to be able to follow my model (https://i.servimg.com/u/f28/16/76/61/05/l110.jpg), followed by then add the logo on the banner (it's not finished yet).

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Mesaj Scris de Skouliki la data de 14.06.19 13:02


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Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

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